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Episode 7 - Hillary Clinton Cyber Czar


In this episode, Thaddeus and Gary discuss Hillary Clinton's new turn as a cyber security expert, SpaceX's new internet satellites, and the threatened big tech breakups.


If DARPA Has Its Way, AI Will Rule the Wireless Spectrum

Google barred contractors from communicating with full-time Googlers on some internal Groups forums, and makes temps wear red badges that add to a 'sense of shame'

Microsoft’s "Modern OS"

GM Reveals More Details On C8 Corvette's Unhackability

Google Outage

Open Insulin Project

What shocks me about this story from the Intercept is not the story itself but the tone of the story that is shocked and disgusted that there is Government corruption in the Government Procurement process.

Intel Unveils 10th Gen Core Ice Lake-U & Ice Lake-Y Mobile CPUs: 10nm Sunny Cove Later This Year

Big Tech Break UP

RIP iTunes